xenovision - Christopher Gaston (Artist & Designer) and Lucia Gaston (Dramatherapist & Forest School Practitioner)

Christopher (USA) holds a BFA (Fine Arts - Painting and Sculpture) from Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD). He spent 25 years living, creating, and exhibiting his art in galleries throughout Japan. His main focus has been pushing boundaries of ceramic art along with creating large illuminated sculptures using metal, clay, glass together incorporating with LED, neon lights, fire, water, and video. One of Christopher's major projects includes the design, construction, and creation of an illuminated wall mural composed of laser-cut stainless steel laminated to sandblasted and enameled plate glass. Commissioned by the Saint-Gobain Corporation for the lobby space of their Japan main office building located in Koji-machi, Tokyo.

Christopher is also the seed creator of zavtone magazine based in Tokyo, Name branding the magazine and designing zavtone's logo. He wore many hats for zavtone as the online editor, writer, graphic and layout designer, and photographer utilizing both still film and digital video for print.

Lucia (CZE) has explored different forms of artistic expression throughout her life. She trained as a Dramatherapist (MA) with a special interest in Ecopsychology and Environmental Arts. Lucia has traveled extensively to over 30 countries, immersing herself in nature and culture of places she visited and drawing onto these experiences in her art. She has also been working creatively and therapeutically with children and adults including those with mental health issues and physical and learning disabilities.

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Christopher and Lucia Gaston