Guinomi – Sake Cup 01


Guinomi – Sake cup, shot glass, teacup, espresso cup.  Clay body – fine white stoneware from Germany.  Glaze – titanium white with colored oxides fired to temp. 1280˚C. Hand-signed and dated – Gaston CZ26.6.2019  Size – h. 58 mm x w. 71 mm made in Prague, Czech Republic.

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Guinomi is the Japanese word for a small cup for drinking sake. It may be enjoyed as a shot glass for your favorite spirits, teas, or used as an espresso cup. This one-of-a-kind ceramic art piece was created in Prague and is handmade from fine white stoneware from Germany.  Thrown on an electric wheel with finger indentation and then meticulously hand-trimmed and scribed with the outside is facet cut by the artist.  High fired in an electric kiln to 1280˚C with a titanium micro-crystal glaze revealing accents of soft plum pink flashing, light iron yellows, and strong cobalt blue splashes.  Inside colors are a soft cobalt blue brushstroke with a cobalt blue scribed motif and a small splash of light iron oxide.

Hand-signed and dated – Gaston CZ26.6.2019

Size – h. 58 mm x w. 71 mm  made in Prague, Czech Republic