Chawan – Tea Bowl 01


Chawan – or tea bowl is a bowl used for preparing and drinking tea. Clay body – fine white high-temperature stoneware from Germany. Glaze – titanium white with cobalt and iron oxide, fired to 1280˚C. Signed and dated – Gaston CZ18.06.2019

Size – h. 44 mm x w. 141 mm made in Prague, Czech Republic


Chawan (茶碗; literally “tea bowl”) is a bowl used for preparing and drinking tea. This tea bowl is a one-of-a-kind ceramic art piece. The tea bowl design is that of a Hiragata or a flat shape bowl. This wide and low shape allows for faster cooling of the tea is also known as Natsu-jawan or Summer tea bow. Created in Prague and made from fine white stoneware from Germany. Thrown on the electric wheel and then meticulously trimmed, the foot is facet cut by the artist’s hand. by the artist’s hand. High fired in an electric kiln to 1280ºC. with a titanium glaze revealing soft cobalt blue wash with deep cobalt blue scribed motif and hints of lite olive greens from iron oxide. Inside glaze is a crackle clear wheat color with titanium micro snow crystals and an angel spirit scribed on the lip and a circular brushstroke of cobalt blue at the bottom.

Hand-signed – Gaston CZ and dated – 18.06.2019.

Size – h. 44 mm x w. 141 mm made in Prague, Czech Republic