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Guardian Spirits
My latest series of protector female and male figures.  Primitive sand casted aluminum sculpture that is sandblasted with polished accents.  Made from recycled aluminum, stainless steel threaded rod and a solid aluminum base.  All sculptures are signed and dated.

click the image for details and more photos of the sculpture.

Guardian Spirit-1 Guardian Spirit-2 Guardian Spirit-3 Guardian Spirit-4
CRW_6680s.jpg CRW_6672s.jpg CRW_6668s.jpg CRW_6660s.jpg
Guardian Spirit-5 Guardian Spirit-6 Guardian Spirit-7 Guardian Spirit-8
CRW_6691s.jpg CRW_6703s.jpg CRW_6713s.jpg CRW_6695s.jpg
Guardian Spirit-9 Guardian Spirit-10 Guardian Spirit-11 Guardian Spirit-12
CRW_6642s.jpg CRW_6646s.jpg CRW_6654s.jpg CRW_6648s.jpg

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xenovisionŠ2012  made in Japan