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Colorful Party Cups & Bowls Gallery
Enjoy your favorite drink with these fun one-of-a-kind drinking cups. Each ceramic piece is made from a mixture of high quality Toku Jo-Shigaraki stoneware and the finest Kyoto porcelain body mixed together with rice husk. Scribed and painted with a black 100% oxides, clear glazed wiped and high fired up to 1330c. and then  multiple fired with brightly colored over-glazed enammels and gold lusters.  All are stamped, dated and signed!
click the image for details and more photos of the piece.

xCRW_6446s.jpg xCRW_6452s.jpg xCRW_6458s.jpg xCRW_6464s.jpg
colorful cup/bowl-1
colorful cup-2
colorful cup-3
colorful cup/bowl-4

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